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Shelby McLaren had just finished a sneaky glass of Port on a very chilly morning in January 1970 and was leaving the Royal Automobile Club just as Colin Chapman walked in. Colin was very excited about a new project and assured Shelby that it would be something, ‘revolutionary’. His projection was correct and Colin Chapman would be largely responsible for producing the most successful F1 car ever, the Lotus 72. Shelby had seen the car briefly (10 laps) at Spa-Francorchamps but it would be the 1970 Dutch Grand Prix that would prove to be the catalyst for his emotional attachment...

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GT, GT3, Porsche -

Shelby McLaren travelled to Stuttgart, Germany with his Father to attend the 1964 Solitude Grand Prix. Jim Clark was a close family friend so they had accepted an invitation to travel with the Lotus team. Not unsurprisingly, Jim went on to win the day in his Lotus 33 despite some horrendous weather. It was the following day sitting outside the Park Cafe by the Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof that an 18 year old Shelby would see two of the most beautiful things he would ever see in his life; Kristelle Schmidt and the new Porsche 911. One would lead to a 50...

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It was a chance encounter in 1994 with Nigel Mansell at Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland that inspired Shelby McLaren to reflect upon not only one of his favourites drivers of all time, but also one his favourite cars, the Williams Honda FW11. Shelby remembers the electric atmosphere and roar of the crowd at Silverstone in 1987 when Mansell chased down Nelson Piquet and overtook him with only 3 laps to go. Mansell’s grit and determination was inspiring and Murray Walker repeated to Shelby after the race, ‘if willpower was horsepower Mansell would have had another 100’! The FW11 (FW11B) absolutely...

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